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Weight Loss
Everybody's concern these days! Don't be tempted by fashionable fad diets, those that promise fast weight loss! These have serious side effects and make you gain all the lost kilos just as fast. A healthy diet is one that works for you and is personalized to your needs, food habits and lifestyle. For a healthy weight loss, find below the most important tips from Sally's Diet Rite:

  • Do not skip any meals, especially breakfast, which helps keep your metabolism working well.
  • Don't stick to one kind of food! Instead, make healthy food choices and eat a variety from whole-wheat bread and grains, vegetables, fruits, low fat milk and dairy products, lean meat and legumes, and a small quantity of healthy fats.
  • Avoid high calorie/high fat foods and snacks.
  • Cook healthy! You can use a small amount of vegetable oil in your cooking.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  • Exercise for 1 hour most days of the week.
Weight maintenance
Weight Gain
With a society obsessed with weight loss, sometimes being too thin is the problem! And the key to gaining weight healthily is eating more than your body burns. Sally's diet Rite recommends a weight gain diet based on several foundations:

  • Start up with a healthy breakfast.
  • Eat by the clock and not only when you are hungry.
  • Aim for 5 to 6 small meals.
  • Incorporate more carbohydrates and healthy fats in your meals.
  • Drink between your meals and not with your meals.
  • Eat with friends whenever possible, which helps stimulates your appetite.
Diabetes prevalence is on the rise in our area! Did you know that obesity, especially excessive fat in the tummy area, is a major factor in developing diabetes? Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented or reversed simply by following a balanced weight loss diet and performing regular exercise. When it comes to Sally's Diet Rite diabetic diet, the most important thing is avoiding sweets and desserts, monitoring your carbohydrate intake and distributing them equally throughout the day.
The good news is that losing 7-10% of your body weight and exercising for 30 minutes daily can tremendously improve your blood sugar levels.
A major health problem which requires changing the quality of the food you are eating! Sally's Diet Rite's first recommendation is to reduce the saturated fat in your diet. What is saturated fat? It's the fat found in animal foods which can raise your blood cholesterol and negatively affect your heart health. Saturated fat is found in butter, margarine, cakes, sweets, croissants, fried food, full-fat dairy and fatty meat. So you need to avoid these foods, as well as choose low fat dairy and lean meat (especially fish), increase your fiber intake and use healthy cooking methods in your kitchen.
Blood Pressure
A high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease and strokes! And that's why following a healthy diet is recommended to control your blood pressure and maintain a healthy circulation. We, at Sally's Diet Rite, control many aspects of your food plan from lowering your salt intake, to incorporating more fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products, as well as limiting the amount of red meat you consume.
An exciting period in your life... And a phase where everyone asks you how many kilos you've put on! A moderate weight gain, averaging 12 kg, is normal and expected, but if you are exceeding your limits, Sally's Diet Rite can help control your weight gain and at the same time ensure a healthy baby growth and development.
It's essential that you follow a balanced diet based on a variety of nutritious food. Think whole-grains, low fat dairy, plenty of vegetables and fruits, lean meat, legumes and a bit of healthy fats. If you found out that you have gestational diabetes, we can help control your blood sugar levels with a unique diet just for you!
Congratulation on your newborn baby! We bet that you are anxious to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight. Keep in mind that over-restricting your diet or going on crash diets during the breastfeeding period can affect your milk supply and lead to many health complications. Instead, aim to follow a balanced and healthy diet, by Sally's diet Rite, which can result in a healthy weight loss rate as well as help maintain an adequate milk production.
Childhood and adolescent obesity
With more tempting high fat/sugar snacks and less physical activity, children are more prone to gaining weight! Help your child maintain a healthy weight by following Sally's Diet Rite flexible eating plan, which helps him lose weight gradually without affecting his/her growth. What you can do is:

  • Encourage healthy eating habits in your home. Don't store unhealthy snacks and junk food so he/she's not tempted to eat them. Instead, allow these goodies only in small amounts from time to time.
  • Teach your child to listen to his/her body and stop eating when feeling full!
  • Let your kid pick his/her favorite sport and perform it regularly. Your child needs to be active for at least 60 minutes/day.
  • Limit watching TV and playing electronic games to no more than 2 hours/day. Instead, encourage active games with the family!
Sports nutrition
Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle! And to boost your sports performance, you need to eat right. As Sally's Diet Rite, we provide you with the proper pre-exercise and post-exercise meals, as well as distribute your food healthily throughout the day.
Exercising in an hour or two? Have an easy-to-digest carbohydrate-rich snack to boost your performance. Drink water during your exercise and plenty more after your workout to replenish the level of fluids in your body. How about your post-exercise meal? Combine both proteins and carbohydrates for better recovery!
Medical conditions
Anemia, digestive problems, kidney stones, high uric acid in the blood... All these conditions need special attention when it comes to your eating habits. After a complete assessment of your condition and a review of your blood test, a specialized diet is created for you at Sally's Diet Rite to help reduce your symptoms or get over your illness (sometimes in conjunction with prescribed medication).
Adopting healthy eating habits is not as easy as ABC. You need to do the healthy changes gradually and most importantly to be mindful of the quality of your food and your portion sizes. At Sally's Diet Rite, we can help you achieve that by setting reasonable goals and scheduling regular follow-up visits.